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Pebble Mosaic project lead by Matusan in Bursa. View the project

By designating the areas of application in the architectural projects, computer-designs are made. 1/1 moulds of designs are manufactured, laid down on the application ground and then pebbles are arranged individually by hand. The depth of application should be 8 cm. from the finished ground. Following the process of hardening, the texture is cleaned and a locking paste is applied. Pebbles are individually collected by installers and again set in an arrangement, individually by hand. There are 2500-3500 pebbles per m2.

On Mesh

Example of a mesh application project. View the project

This is a manufacturing process of vertically pasting the pebbles on a mesh. The depth of application is 3 cm. from the finished installation. Applications on a mesh are preferred when the application depth is limited, the weight per unit m2 is to be kept at a minimum and in projects where our installers are not allowed work permits.

Places of Applications


Matusan's Zarif Mustafa Pasa Waterside Residence project in Istanbul, Turkey View the project

Can be applied in locations like gardens, terraces, balconies, landings, patios, pool areas etc. locations, in between floor boards such as ceramic, granite, marble, travertine, etc. as beds and borders; also in gardens around flowers and grass fields, walking lanes and garage-parking lots.


Matüsan’s Kemer Horse Club interior pebble mosaic project in Istanbul, Turkey. View the project

Can be applied in entrances, living rooms and halls, in the form of beds or borders, in between ceramic, granite and marble material.


Matüsan’s multicolor pebble mosaic application for Armenian Patriarch's garden. Istanbul, Turkey View the project

Black, white, gray, beige, yellow, red, green colored pebbles may be used in projects in selected proportions; the colors are entirely the natural colors of the pebble.

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