The beginning of the Mosaic Art is shown as the Uruk Palace walls in an old Sumerian City dating back to 3000 BC with surfaces covered with small terra-cotta conical pieces.
The pebble stones in Persepolis palace which are believed to be collected from Euphrates and Tigris rivers are accepted as the first example of Pebble Mosaic art.
Later, this art can be seen in Gordion, Assos, Teos, Erytrai, Tarsus and Pergamon respectively. One of the oldest and most beautiful examples of pebble mosaic art is excavated from Olynthos, Greece which dates back to the IV century BC and depicts Bellerophon killing the Chimera.

The colored pebble mosaic depicting the lion hunt of Dionysus which dated back to the IV century BC in Pella, Macedonia is one of the best-preserved examples of flooring.

One of the well-preserved and most beautiful Pebble Mosaic examples are Topkapı Palace Mosaics which were applied by Rum masters living in Podima (today’s Yalıköy) village.

The pebble mosaic is a handcraft that reached today without losing its value which became an indispensable part of Mediterranean architecture with herbal and geometric patterns especially from the beginning of the 18th century with its unique color and forms depending on the material diversity in the application region.
The pebble mosaic art is also known as Podima mosaic, Pebble application, Rhodes flooring, Karfato and pebble inlaying names.
The entire stones used in the pebble stone art have natural forms and colors and these stones are singlehandedly collected and laid out just like 5000 years ago.
It is known that pouring a bucket of water on pebble mosaics at the end of a hot summer day will refresh people with instant air circulation. The massage applied by the pebble stones on the naked foot is a therapy technique applied in China for thousands of years. People still walk on pebble mosaic road in the large park in Shanghai with the naked foot for therapy purposes.

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