Anatomy of a Project

The process of making an Artistic Pebble Mosaic starts by first collecting all natural pebbles from river beds and categorizing them in their respective sizes and colors. Then each pebble is applied to the design one by one.

Perfect... Only If
One Loves What They Do

All the way from collection to categorization upto the point when its finally applied... pebble mosaic art is a true labor of love which can simply not be perfected without loving the task at hand.

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Giving Depth Through The Use of Natural Stone Colors

As Matüsan we strive to make the absolute perfect projects. As we did the Armenian Patriarch in Istanbul we used the natural colors of pebbles to give a 3 dimensional feeling to the flat surface.

3 Dimensional borders during application

3 Dimensional borders after finished

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Workshop to Site Installations

When we cannot work on site, we create the artwork in our studio according to respective sizes and once finished apply to its perminant location.

Shipping Abroad

In our 39 years of company history we have successfully accomplished many international projects im Middle East, Europe, Asia, USA and Pacific Islands. In cases when an onsite team was not feasible, we made the parts in our workshop and send the pieces which were easy for any construction team to assemble.

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