The Story of Pebble

It is the compound of the four elements of existence.

It becomes an arrow to feed.

It becomes a wall to protect.

It becomes a wheel to carry.

It becomes an idol to be worshipped.

It becomes a throne, the unmatched servant that makes one sovereign.

It is what tears away from its mother in the mountains and starts its adventure cascading down the river in the depths of the valley.

It is what finds the golden shore traveling a few steps of a distance, sometimes in one year and sometimes in a thousand years.

It is what finds its unparalleled form by rubbing against sand in the bosom of waves.

It is what waits in anticipation for those who put their hearts in this art form.

As described in these lines, the pebble stone forms as a result of pieces of stone, rolled into rivers and streams in various ways, scraping against other stones and sand in the presence of the corrosive power of water over a time period of hundreds or thousands of years taking, in this process, a round and flat form.

The pebble stone that is formed in rivers and streams has a "plump"; form with varying round facets. Depending on the hardness and dexterity of material, these have even, luminous or spongy, dull surfaces.

In general, white, cream, gray, black, yellow, red and green colors are present in our country's rivers. In time, the pebble stones that form in rivers meet with the sea at the delta. With the power of the waves to induce movement, the pebble is lapped to the shore billions of times, losing its "plump" shape and gaining an elliptical form.