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1. Application on ground

By designating the areas of application in the architectural projects, computer-designs are made. 1/1 moulds of designs are manufactured, laid down on the application ground and then pebbles are arranged individually by hand. The depth of application should be 8 cm. from the finished ground. Following the process of hardening, the texture is cleaned and a locking paste is applied. Pebbles are individually collected by installers and again set in an arrangement, individually by hand. There are 2500-3500 pebbles per m2.


2. Application on mesh

This is a manufacturing process of vertically pasting the pebbles on a mesh. The depth of application is 3 cm. from the finished installation. Applications on a mesh are preferred when the application depth is limited, the weight per unit m2 is to be kept at a minimum and in projects where our installers are not allowed work permits.