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Oceantile Varieties

The pebbles used in Ocantile are handpicked from the Pacific islands close to the North Australian coasts. The colors of these pebbles are entirely natural and have gained this perfect flat, elliptical form they have over the centuries. Thanks to their interlocking ends, they don’t show their joining edges.

Oceantile may be applied in horizontal, vertical and sloping surfaces. The application is the same as tile application.
It has two separate measurements of 30x30cm and 40x40cm.

Grade 1 8mm Used in patterned, circular and rectangular beds.
Grade 2 11mm 30x30cm dimensions
Grade 3 14mm
Grade 4 17mm Packaged in 40x40cm dimensions by meshing.
Grade 5 20mm
There are also 10x30cm of borders in every color.